Yes, some came for the FOOD, some came for the BIG RIDE, some came for the ANNUAL PHOTO, and maybe some came to tell more BIG RIDE STORIES.  But, 10 lucky BOBIES went home with WINNING RAFFLE GIFTS!

A Picnic to Remember

Each of our raffle gifts were assembled to thrill any lucky BOBie Member with the winning draw!  Every member who came to the picnic was given 8 raffle tickets, and they were quick to choose how to spend their tickets.  This year’s gift donation packages included bike care products, apparel from our bike shop sponsors & team kit manufacturer, cycling subscriptions, club memberships, gift baskets, and our very own hand-picked BOBie Club Package!  Tough choices for sure.

A special shout out to Baniyan Designs (bobie member Zef Neemuchwala) for creating a custom-made Notebook with a light wood cover engraved with the BOBie Club logo and road bike. Thelma was the lucky winner of this gift!

FUN FACT:  This is the second consecutive picnic that Thelma has won a complimentary 1-Year Premium Club Membership!


  • Imeh Nsek – Prolong Products
  • Jin Li – Empire Bikes Jerseys & Bottles
  • Rick David – InCycle Pullover & Bottle
  • Manny Ontaneda – Cycling Jacket by JL Velo
  • Kem Sizoo – Corner Bakery Gift Basket
  • Aldrich Gatpayat – Tour de Foothills Event Package
  • Randi Gino – Cycling Health Package including: 1 year subscription to Bicycling Magazine
  • Nancy Michalski – Massage Therapy Gift Basket
  • Thelma Campbell – BOBie Cycling Club Package (1-Year Membership Renewal)

Randi Gino won this Cycling Health Package.  10 issues of the Bicycling Magazine, EFS Sports Drink (Electrolytes), and some Nutrition Bars.

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