Santa River Trail Closed for months

Thanks to Paul Cadwell for forwarding this:

From: Orange County Bicycle Coalition

Monday, January 22nd the gates will close and our Santa Ana River will be closed from Memory Lane to Taft for months. This will facilitate the eviction of our houseless neighbors who have been allowed to camp along the river with no facilities or control, resulting in lots of bad press and conflict in among the public who may have never ridden there.
The County has announced that it does not intend to provide any detour for the pedestrians, equestrians or cyclist who use this trail. They will let us figure out our own way past the 22 and 5 freeway, how to get to the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, or how to connect with Orangewood, Chapman, Katella & Taft.

The County did post a detour when the trail was closed for the 91 Freeway widening between Tustin and Lakeview.
It did when the Edinger bridge was widened in Santa Ana.
It did when the water district/corp of engineers raised the west bank & put in recharging water pipes from Memory Lane to Katella.
It plans to when the path gets slurry sealed between Lakeview & Imperial in April… for 5 days!

The paved path is still there on the east bank from Memory Lane to Katella from the west bank closure. If they just re-open those gates again we will still have connectivity past the freeways to Chapman, Orangewood, and Katella – from an off-street paved multi-use path. The ARTIC is just across the river on Katella.
From Katella east to Struck – then up Main to Taft would at least provide sidewalks and crosswalks with signals to get past the northern closure.
Without that path being opened, the cyclist will have to go east on Memory Lane, up Lewis & back over on Chapman or Orangewood to get past the freeways. From Orangewood, you can take Eckhoff to Colins to Main to Taft to get back on the SART above the closure.
So much for promoting Active Transportation or supporting the OC Loop. The actual users’ for whom the trail is designed are clearly an afterthought to the County’s political nightmare of bungling local homelessness.

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