About Us

Butts on Bikes Inland Empire (BOBie’s) is based in Southern California’s beautiful Inland Empire.

Our membership has grown significantly and we now have members of this MeetUp group from not only the San Bernardino and Riverside counties but the San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties as well. Because of this we are constantly looking to add rides (and ride leaders) in those areas.

We are cycling enthusiasts who enjoy local and remote bicycle rides that are both fun and challenging. Our group is a blend of casual to intermediate and moderately advanced riders, riding for fitness, fun, friendship, food (sometimes), and improvement.

After offering rides for 5 full years now many of our members have improved but we understand that adding newer riders is the life blood to a successful growing recreational cycling club.

We are constantly doing what we can to offer entry level rides and cultivate ride leaders to lead those rides.

Our success has stemmed from offering a wide variety of rides that have a common theme. Encouraging AND Challenging rides at many levels.

We are not competition oriented, or desire to ride like a training camp, club, or team. However, we will offer rides that promote the improvement of biking skills (endurance, Ultra-endurance, pace-lining, hill-climbing, century training).

Our members are PRIMARILY ROAD CYCLISTs and thus our current rides reflect this type of riding (paved surfaces blend of streets & bike paths). Tandems, recumbents, and trikes are welcome on most of our road rides. Hybrid, Comfort, and Mountain bikes will often need their own specific rides. No electric-assist bikes please.

Our rides are quite varied and are typically 20-70 miles in distance. Helmets are mandatory. Water, nutrition, and spare inner tubes are mandatory as well. Meetup times are rollout times so please plan to arrive early enough to start promptly.

Our vision for this group is to offer a variety of rides that will encourage the casual rider to maintain their fitness and/or improve their cycling skills. We strive to be MORE to more cyclists, offering friendship, knowledge, and encouragement through group riding. As this group grows, in addition to great rides, we will offer informative clinics, community events, goal-specific training and bike travel opportunities.

Our leadership team has a passion for cycling and enjoy sharing it with others. We encourage our members to not only participate in the rides, but take an active interest in helping us build our group by hosting/leading rides as well as helping with social events for the group. Let us know if you are interested in joining our leadership team.

Joining the BOBies MeetUp group is free but in Early in 2016 we will be offering a BOBie Cycling Club Membership package that will give new paid members Ride Insurance, perks from our Sponsors, the ability to purchase the latest BOBie jersey and kit, discounts on BOBie branded items (hats, T-shirts, socks, etc.), networking opportunities and a free entry to our annual picnic.
(Contact Keith or Janet Berg if you are interested in finding out more about or purchasing a BOBie Cycling Club Membership BOBieCycling@gmail.com )

Now, get your Butts On Your Bikes and Let’s Ride!